prescription discount card

Online Pricing Tool

In these days of healthcare unrest when many have had to increase deductibles and co-pays, eliminate prescription benefits or even worse, totally drop their individual or group policies, This is FREE with no

downside or strings attached that can save you up to 87% on of prescription medication? Slashrx provide exactly that. It is a FREE prescription discount drug card that can be given to and used by virtually anyone. It makes no difference if you

have health insurance because the program can benefit everyone. It is the only discount card that works behind an insurance prescription plan and acts as a gatekeeper insuring the cardholder pays the lowest price – your co-pay, our discounted price or the retail price,

whichever is lowest. For those who have a generic co-pay of $15.00 or more, our price is typically lower 70% of the time. This product is frictionless as there is no enrollment required or paperwork to fill out because we collect no personal information.